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Get Details about Fees:

  • Speak with our Accountants for all details related to Updated Fees and Discounts:

  • Call Inspire girls Accountant +966557012270

Registration and Admission Requirements

  1. Pass the school entry exam (KG3 junior – G12).

  2. 4 student’s personal photos.

  3. 2 copies of family card (both sides).

  4. 2 copies of father's National card.

  5. 2 copies of Father & student's Iqama.

  6. 2 copies of student's passport.

  7. 2 copies of student's birth certificate.

  8. 2 copies of the vaccination card.

  9. A medical report from the hospital that the student is free of any mental illnesses (autism, hyperactivity, distraction) Or any incurable diseases impede the conduct of the educational process.

  10. Identification certificate from the father’s work.

  11. The Fingerprint + Expiry date of iqama from Absher system (non-Saudis).

  12. A copy of student last certificate.

  13. School leaving certificate.

  14. Ministry approval from the previous school.

  15. Transfer it electronically in Noor system.

  16. Last stamped original certificate (if the student coming from outside the Kingdom" last academic year was outside the Kingdom"):

  • G6 school certificate (If the student in Lower Secondary Grade "G7, G8, G9 ").

  • G9 School certificate (If the student in High Grade "G10, G11, G12")

17. Please also take note of the acceptance age for KG applicants

School Tuition Fees

Annual Transportation Fees

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